What is Intuality?

Intuality™ is an Artificial General Intelligence software system that makes decisions in the same way as the brain. The software system simulates human subconscious heuristics and biases to analyze stream(s) of real-time data. This simulation defines and prompts critical decisions embedded in landscapes of future probable events. Intuality then translates these decisions into conscious actionable alerts for end-users.

The ability of Intuality both to predict probable future events and to prescribe the best decisions for those events has been validated through its recorded superior performance across a wide-range of applications compared to traditional regression-based or pattern-recognition based technologies across a wide-range of applications. The approach used by Intuality, to simulate human behavior and decision-making in the midst of real-world events, has been confirmed by developments in behavioral science and the emergence of the field of Behavioral Economics.

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Why should I use Intuality?

Intuality uses real-time data and minimal computing power to make its near and far future predictions - enabling Intuality to be used as an app on mobile devices or on desktop computers with minimal training and start-up costs. These advantages are in sharp distinction to other Artificial Intelligence approaches that need first to determine what historical data to use before applying large-scale data analysis to predict trends and near-term events.

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How do I use Intuality?

Intuality is an Artificial General Intelligence software system that predicts probable events using real-time data. Upon the input of each new real-time event, a landscape of near and far future probable events is produced. This landscape includes periodic actionable alerts that correspond to Objective data inputs that may be modified by Influencer data inputs.

Real-time data are entered typically from third-party API interfaces and can also be entered manually.

  • Manual Input

    Manual input via Intuality interface

  • API Interface

    Automatic access via customized API

First Principles

The Intuality software system is derived from 6 First Principles:

  • All final decisions, and the reality they create, are instigated by a singular logical structure of subconscious heuristics and biases.
  • The Intuality logic is human-independent and operates in real-time.
  • The software system is successful across a wide variety of applications and is at the top 20% of performance.
  • Simultaneous real-time data inputs are theoretically unlimited, with their relevancy determined dynamically by iterative logic.
  • Inputted data are predefined as either Objectives (prediction goals) or Influencers (environmental factors).
  • Real-time data inputs are theoretically unlimited and do not require pre-qualification as to application relevancy.
  • Predictions of near and far-future possible events are portrayed as dynamic landscapes containing directive alerts around critical high probability events.
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Grant Renier


Grant is the developer of Intuality™ and its internal logic Intuitive Rationality™. He founded four prior ventures that incorporated successive versions of that behavioral economics technology, following positions with two Fortune 500 firms, in international positions and as CFO and Director of Corporate Development. He has an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics from Purdue University, and MBA from University of Michigan that include studies in behavioral science and economics.

Michael Hentschel


Michael accelerates ventures. He has been a Silicon Valley venture capitalist with 27% IRR track record over 10 years in his investments, such as Stratacom, Telebit, Raytel and Mycogen. He has raised over $140M for 30 companies. He has been Managing Director of TechVest Ventures since 1987. He has an undergraduate degree from Yale in archaeology and economics, and an MBA from Kellogg-Northwestern.

Peter Nannis


Peter specializes in software solutions and server side support for data and live data distribution processing and management. Experienced in business technology deployment such as Salesforce, Adobe Connect, Envisiontel and iContact. Previously, Project Manager for hardware/software projects for budgets to $10M. He has a Masters Degree in computer science from Linkoping Technical University (Sweden), and an MBA from UC-Irvine.

Eric Tomlinson


Eric is a business leader focused on creating and developing innovative products in healthcare and IT. He most recently served as chief innovation officer for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and president, Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. His prior experience includes being chief executive officer of four biotechnology and internet companies for which he led their growth from startup to their liquidity exit event.


NC IDEA FOUNDATION selects Intuality™, Inc. as one of the 24 semi-finalists from across the state in fall 2018 grant cycle.

DURHAM, NC – October 1, 2018

NC IDEA, a private foundation committed to supporting entrepreneurial ambition and economic advancement in North Carolina, announced today that the organization has selected 24 semi-finalists from across the state in its 26th SEED grant cycle. These semi-finalists were chosen from 158 competitive applications.

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