What makes intuality different

Intuality is not simply a computational algorithm. Rather than throw more processing at the problem we take a different approach. Intuality models the systematic processes that underlie human cognition, applying behavioral economics to simulate real world decision making. By emulating the human rationality process Intuality delivers results with a single core logic widely applicable to different fields. Intuality combines cognitive and behavioral science, economics, mathematics and computer technology to create a real-time simulation of human decision-making.


Intuality predicts 150 future events and generates an event-time topography based on their probability and proximity.


Intuality harnesses the power of heuristics and biases to assess real time information. It produces a landscape of future possibilities within which it identifies and recommends decision-making events with high probability.


Intuality scans its event topography to make decisions based on its most likely scenarios.

Operational Benefits

Intuality is the differentiator for successful decision making with years of application in financial markets, election polling and public policy, eLearning, vehicle monitoring, healthcare and sports gambling.

The Cube

The Cube is both an interface and a visualisation. Each new event creates an undulating peak or valley in the event time topology. Opperators can interact directly with the model by raising or lowering the the event-time terrain.


Born of 30+ years of research and development Intuality is the brainchild of Grant Renier. Grant developed the core logic of Intuality as an alternative to the processing intensive regression analysis, linear programming, and supply models employed in the petroleum industry in the 1960’s.