Intuality.AI is artificial general intelligence with a fixed core logic that can be applied across a diverse set of applications to predict near- and far-future events.

The Intuality.AI software system simulates subconscious heuristics and biases to predict probable future events and provide directive alerts for critical events.

Sectors where Intuality.AI has been applied successfully include:

  • Financial markets (futures, equities, forex, cryptocurrencies)
  • U.S. national and State elections
  • Heart arrhythmias, epileptic seizures and hypoglycemia
  • U.S. National Football League game prediction and wagering
  • Product website user visits and dwell times
  • Major Economic Indicators
  • Vehicle component monitoring

Financial Futures Markets

Intuality.AI currently manages investments in the financial Futures market by tracking a portfolio comprising Currencies, Energies, Financials, Grains, Indices, Metals, Meats and Softs. Intuality.AI periodically selects from those groups specific contracts to execute automatically long and short trades through Future Commission Merchants, with no human intervention. The system has also successfully simulated the performance of these markets individually.

The Chart shows actual percent gains/losses for a $10,000-unit basis futures account managed by Intuality.AI compared to the S&P 500 Index.

Equity Markets

Intuality.AI has simulated the management of a portfolio of long trading stocks (the S&P 200 Equities) while periodically hedging against market down-turns with S&P 500 Futures contracts. The simulation was for a notional $500,000 account, trading 100 share lots (long positions only), and S&P 500 Futures contracts (short trades only).

Foreign Currency Exchange Markets

Intuality.AI has simulated trades in Foreign Currency Exchange markets over more than a ten-year period. The chart shows the results of this simulation compared to the performance of the S&P 500 Index.

Cryptocurrencies Markets

Intuality.AI has simulated the performance of cryptocurrency pairs over more than a 4-year period. The chart shows the results of this simulation compared to the performance of the S&P 500 Index over the same period.

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Markets

Intuality.AI has simulated trading based on its predicted performance of a portfolio of the top 100 leveraged ETFs, by volume, as reported by, from 2006 through 2016. The simulated trading was limited to taking no more than 10 simultaneous positions, including shorting some positions during the 2007-2009 period.

Voter Preference in U.S. Elections and Public Policy

Intuality.AI is being used to predict voter preference in both national and State U.S. elections and in public policy issues. Learn more at Civix AI

Intuality.AI generally confirms polls consensus and often is contrarian to consensus, with a high success rate. For example, the 2016 U.S. General Presidential election demonstrated the ability of the Intuality.AI to predict election outcomes contrary to most polling data and media reporting. The chart shows voter preference predicted on September 22, by day, through to Election Day, November 6. The input data were daily polling values used to produce daily predictions going forward from March 5, 2016, exclusive of Electoral College accounting. Near-term predictions made on September 22 favored Clinton with Trump surging ahead on October 7, later being termed “the October surprise”.

The value of these Intuality.AI predictions of voter preferences is considerable to campaign committees and organizations pursuing public policy decisions.